Latosha Duffey

Host @ DJ Duffey

Latosha Duffey is emerging now as one of the most sought after Deejay’s in the southwest region. She has also played in clubs from Vegas to Nashville Tenn. Duffey is currently one of the newest members of the VH1 Basketball Wives of LA franchise. She will appear in all 15 episodes of season 5 BBWLA. On the show DJ Duffey comes on as Brandi’s longtime friend whom she affectionately refers to as her “sister”. She moves to LA in hopes to “take over” the DJ scene and make a bigger name for herself in the industry. In Duffey’s spare time she participates in writing, motivational speaking, and photography. Duffey completed her first book with Dr. William T Hoston titled ” Why We Didn’t Choose You vol 3. ( A woman’s perspective ) .” Duffey also headlines Amber Rose Slut Walk, not only as a DJ but also as one of the main Public Figures by Amber’s side.